YSI Services | You're Data Driven Let YSI Drive

November 20, 2020 carousel
You can collect data for water quality, water velocity, water flow, bathymetry, and photogrammetry in a single day, with a single YSI technician with our autonomous water vehicles services team!

When you let YSI drive, you'll enjoy:

  • More high-quality, spatial and temporal data in one mission.
  • With the i3XO or the HYCAT one can cover between 130-180 acres per day at a single depth, when operating at the optimal speed of 2-3 knots.
  • With the i3XO multiple depths (“layers”) are possible.
  • YSI’s technicians can adapt the speed to optimize resolution, based on your project objectives.
  • The top Xylem sensor technologies all come together in a single vehicle platform, but the autonomous and remote control features take the tech to the next level.
  • Make your project a winner, by bringing our unsurpassed application expertise.
  • Save your team the ramp-up time associated with training and mastery of this technology.
  • Keep your people safely ashore, while getting countless man-hours’ worth of data.