HydroSurveyor-M9 and HYPACK Training | Australia

Hydrographers from Australia and New Zealand participate in a training to learn more about how to use HYPACK for hydrographic surveying in tandem with SonTek's HydroSurveyor-M9 and rQPOD.

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The rQPOD Modular Remote Survey Boat is a lightweight, portable solution for conducting and recording water surveys. The rQPOD is ready to go wherever you need it.

The rQPOD system is sold as a complete kit from SonTek, and includes a Torrent Board V7 floating platform, patent-pending motorized system. Combine this light weight convertible platform with a RiverSurveyor-M9 or S5 to measure flow or a HydroSurveyor-M9 and measure bathymetry.

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