The SonTek-IQ Pipe

March 18, 2022 adcp , flood , flow meter , sontek , stormwater , velocity data
The SonTek-IQ Pipe is intended as either a bottom or top mounted flow meter that can be used in most industrial or agricultural applications. Unlike many other flow meters available today, the SonTek-IQ Pipe automatically determines if the pipe is full or partially full, and identifies the best technique to use to measure the velocity of the water. This information is then used to compute flow, along with accurate water level data provided by the vertical beam and/or pressure sensor. All this without additional configuration. With a special form factor, the SonTek-IQ Pipe can provide accurate flow values in pipes from 0.5 all the way to 5.0 m, independent of whether these pipes are full or have only a few inches of water in them.

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