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Our three vehicle offerings are the rQPOD and HYCAT, autonomous surface vehicles or ASVs, and the EcoMapper, an autonomous underwater vehicle or AUV.

YSI has worked with global experts to design vehicle platforms that are rugged yet affordable for environmental monitoring. Our vehicles are optimized for different environments, applications, and can be used for many kinds of surveys, including water quality, water quantity, hydrographic, bathymetric, imaging, scour, and photogrammetry, to name a few.

With a vehicle, data can be collected with less operational expense and more safely than traditional survey approaches. There is no need to put your team at risk on a boat. Safely operate your vehicles from shore, collecting days of point sampling or manual profiling data in a single mission.

Get more spatial and temporal data in one mission than ever before with a boat or point sampling. Our vehicles use the latest water quality sensor technology from YSI, as well as industry-leading sonar and positioning sensors, so you know you're getting the best data possible.

Operations of the vehicles are simplified with easy-to-understand user interfaces. 

Quickly set up autonomous missions or utilize remote operation or use both. The top YSI sensor technologies come together in a single vehicle platform, but the autonomous and remote control features take the tech to the next level.

The rQPOD is the latest addition to our vehicle fleet. It is light enough to be easily deployable in remote locations with one person. The rQPOD allows flexible sensor integration from the full line of YSI EXO sondes for surface water quality mapping to the SonTek M9 and RS5 for bathymetry and discharge measurements.

With the new autonomous feature, a pre-planned mission can be created to allow complete mapping of the body of water where it is used. The rQPOD is the perfect vehicle for smaller lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and hard-to-reach areas where operating and navigating a larger vehicle isn't possible.

The HYCAT is our larger AUV. This allows you to collect water quality, current profiling, bathymetry, discharge, and side scan, all simultaneously and in real-time.

The HYCAT is perfect for use in near coastal environments because of the catamaran design that allows it to cut smoothly through the water, providing the most stable data possible.

The EcoMapper is our AUV, which allows you to dive to depths of 100 meters with various sensor payloads.

With the EXO1 integrated into the nose of the EcoMapper, the user can collect water quality at depth using any of the available EXO sensors from YSI.

With the possible addition of swath bathymetry, dual frequency side scan, and photogrammetry modules, the EcoMapper can collect all data simultaneously to reduce overall mission time with co-located data.

By diving under the water, the EcoMapper allows the user to get a complete water quality profile from surface to bottom while avoiding all the risks associated with running on the surface.

YSI's vehicle services program offers all the benefits of a vehicle survey without the cost of ownership. Make your project a winner by bringing our unsurpassed application expertise.

Our team has run missions in canals, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, coastal applications, and other environments. Each scenario brings unique requirements and risks. Save your team the time associated with training and mastery of this technology.

With a YSI expert on your team, we'll help you collect the highest quality data possible. Learn more about YSI's great services online and let our team serve you. Let YSI drive.

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