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January 09, 2024
Hello, my name is Insley, and I'm a Xylem analytics product manager. In this video, I'll walk you through the features and benefits of the YSI Amazon bubbler and how it can improve your water level monitoring process. The Amazon bubbler provides a continuous flow of air bubbles into the water. It measures the pressure required to maintain this continuous bubble rate to determine the depth of the water.

It has a compact durable aluminum housing designed and rated for extreme temperature operation from negative 40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. Once connected to the bubbler using the Wi-Fi adapter or the USB device and host ports, you can use any web browser to change the settings, download data, and manage connections. There is no need to install proprietary software. The optional Amazon Paperwhite display can also be used for configuration and data management.

This low-power anti-sun glare display provides a clear image that can be seen even in bright light. Current stage and pressure data are visible from the home screen for quick reference. The Amazon's low power consumption means it can be deployed in remote locations with a 12-volt battery and solar panel. Two LEDs indicate if the unit is powered on and operational. The bubbler can be used as a standalone system storing data internally or it can be connected to data loggers, PLCs, or RTUs using SDI-12, 4 to 20 milliamps, or Modbus over IP or RS485.

The YSI Amazon bubbler has an industry-leading accuracy of 0.2% full scale and it's available in three different measurement ranges up to 35 meters. All models come with terminal blocks, an outlet fitting, a Wi-Fi adapter, a USB cable, and a two-year warranty. Though not included, a desiccating air dryer with color indicating silica gel feeds is required to prevent moisture from entering the system. The Amazon bubbler can be installed into one of YSI's several turnkey ready-to-go out-of-the-box solutions.

The equipment will arrive fully integrated and tested within a field-ready easy-to-deploy enclosure like this system. The Amazon is mounted inside a NEMA 4X enclosure alongside the required YSI desiccating air dryer, optional data logger and modem, a battery, and a solar panel. In this turnkey solution, the Amazon's level data can be accessed via the internet using Hydrosphere, YSI's online data visualization platform.

Whether purchasing a water level measurement instrument for the first time or looking to add another monitoring location, the YSI Amazon bubbler is an ideal option for its compact rugged size, easy deployment and configuration, and industry-leading accuracy. Find out more about the Amazon bubbler at If you're interested in exploring YSI turnkey solutions, head over to

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