YSI EXO-S Series Overview

February 10, 2022 carousel

(Video Transcript) Hi, this is Zack Henderson, Product Manager for YSI, a Xylem brand, and I'm proud to introduce the EXO-S Series Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes. The EXO-S sondes are shorter, lighter, more affordable, and more sustainable versions of our industry-leading EXO sondes.

These sondes are purpose-built without a battery compartment and provide the same sensor payload and best-in-class performance for applications where external power is available.

There are three sonde models with optional depth sensors to choose from. The EXO1s features a removable bail and four sensor ports. Combine these with an EXO handheld for an extremely powerful, discreet sampling solution.

The EXO2s features seven ports including a central wiper port to keep sensors clean during deployments. It also includes an auxiliary port for integrating third-party sensors or daisy-chaining sondes together.

And if you don't need that many ports but still want active anti-fouling, then the EXO3s is just right, with five ports including the central wiper port.

These battery-less sondes offer several advantages to standard EXO-S as long as external power can be provided. The first and most obvious is the smaller footprint, which means the sonde can fit into tight spaces and be more easily hidden. These are also lighter sondes that are better suited for integration with AUVs, drones, and buoys where weight is a factor. Perhaps most compelling is the lower price point. With these sondes it is more affordable than ever to adopt the EXO platform, and you don't have to worry about replacing and disposing of alkaline batteries.

With reduced size, weight, and cost, the EXO-S sondes are a great option for discreet sampling applications. For example, the EXO1s is perfect for spot-checking water quality with a handheld. In addition to popular water quality parameters such as conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity, YSI offers unique sensors including total algae plus chlorophyll, fDOM, Rhodamine, and the NitraLED UV nitrate sensor which is exclusive to the EXO platform.

Big things really do come in small packages. And with the EXO-S series, you have more options than ever for reliable water quality data collection. Learn more at ysi.com/exo.

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