FDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for Wastewater | IQ SensorNet | YSI

July 20, 2014
Digital optical DO sensors with FDO electrodes for use with the IQ SensorNet terminals (http://www.ysi.com/iq).

In the biological nutrient removal process of wastewater treatment plants, continuous and precise measurement of dissolved oxygen concentration is of vital importance for an optimal, trouble-free, operation. The efficiency and energy demand of the purification process, either in the nitrification or denitrification phase, is mainly determined by the performance of the aeration control system.

Using an accurate, reliable, and proven dissolved oxygen sensor as part of your process control regime is essential.

With the YSI FDO (flourescent dissolved oxygen) sensor, you will receive high quality data for an amazing period of time - with minimal maintenance.

The FDO 700 Series IQ sensors employ the following features:

Intelligent sensor cap - The sensor cap (membrane) is individually factory calibrated. Calibration data is stored on a chip that is permanently installed in the sensor cap.

Equal path reference - The optical components and LEDs are identically designed. The benefit is an identical aging process of the components that the sensor can easily compensate for which provides continuous hihg performance.

Green light technology - "Soft" excition light. By stimulating the flourescent reaction in the membrane with lower energy green light, bleaching of the flourescent dye in the sensor membrane is avoided. This means the membrane lifetime is two years - or more.

45 degree technology - It seems so simple. With the FDO sensor's 45° angle on the end, bubbles simply slide right by. Confidently place the FDO sensor in your aeration basin without worrying about bubbles resting on, bursting on, or in any way altering your DO data.

The FDO optical measuring technology is based on an attenuated flourescent signal during a defined time frame. In order to process this time measurement as precisely as possible, the sensor optics are calibrated to the speed of light. This natural constant is defined as the time that a light beam travels from point A to point B - the speed of light. The FDO is precisely calibrated against a physical constant. This technology makes the FDO a non-user calibrated sensor.

This list of no's makes this sensor a yes!

No electrolyte
No calibration needed
No warm-up period
No interferences from hydrogen sulfides and other gases
No flow dependence
No interference from bubbles
Which sensor is right for you?

FDO 700 IQ (700 IQ SW sea water design also available)

Universal optical oxygen sensor for measuring and controlling oxygen input in biological wastewater treatment processes. Rugged DO sensor with a response time of T90 at 25°C in less than 150 seconds and T99 at 25°C in less than 200 seconds. Well suited sensor for DO measurements in biological purification stages at wastewater plants and control of oxygenation. The angle of the sensor prevents signal disturbances from rising air bubbles in aeration tanks.

FDO 701 IQ (701 IQ SW sea water design also available)

DO sensor with improved response times. The 701 IQ has a response time of T90 at 25°C in less than 80 seconds. This sensor is ideally suited for measurement and control in faster processes. The lifetime of the membrane is reduced to ~ 6 months.