YSI Webinar | Monitoring Oxidation Reduction Potential in Biological Nutrient Removal

September 09, 2019
Oxidation Reduction Potential, a Versatile but Misunderstood Wastewater Treatment Monitoring Parameter

Oxidation reduction, or redox, reactions have a central role in wastewater management. Redox reactions are responsible for reducing the oxygen demand, pathogenicity, and toxicity of polluted water and facilitating the removal of nutrients which fuel excess growth of aquatic plants in the environment. Therefore, monitoring redox reactions is critical for the operation of a Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF). It is often not practical to monitor all the relevant parameters for every reaction. Alternatively, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) can be used to monitor the process providing insight into the status of redox reactions. This webinar will explain the principles of ORP and provide examples of how it is used to improve WRRF operational efficiency.

In this educational webinar, we will discuss:

The Science of ORP
Applications for ORP monitoring and monitoring methods
Real-life examples of WRRFs using ORP to increase operational efficiency

About ORP 

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