YSI Webinar | How pH and ORP Sensors Work

September 24, 2019 how sensors work
The pH of a water body can affect nearly all aquatic life in a system, and the oxidative-reductive potential is a related, but underappreciated parameter particularly in environmental and wastewater applications.
  • Reasons to measure both pH and ORP,
  • The principles of operation of Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) as they’ve been adapted from the laboratory to the field,
  • Best practices for maintaining and troubleshooting measurements, and
  • Real-world practice to demonstrate both the value and limitations of field-deployed pH and ORP sensors.

Helpful time stamps:
1:01 – Savannah starts talking
4:00 – Ben starts talking
4:49 – pH/ORP: What and Why?
12:29 – pH Sensor: History, Types, Construction
19:44 – Calibration, Care, and Practical Use
35:33 – Real-World Applications
43:47 – Q&A

Download the pH Handbook - The Practical Guide to pH Measurements 

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