YSI Webinar | How Conductivity Sensors

August 26, 2019 how sensors work
Conductivity is a critical parameter in virtually every water quality monitoring application as it correlates to ionic concentration and the purity of water.

In this educational webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why it is important to monitor conductivity,
  • Differences between conductivity, specific conductance, and salinity
  • Conductivity sensor technology and principles of operation,
  • Real-world practice to demonstrate both the value and limitations of field-deployed conductivity sensors.

Helpful time stamps:
1:22 – Savannah starts talking
3:55 -- Zack starts talking
4:34 – What is Conductivity and Why is it Important?
15:34 – Differences between Conductivity, Specific Conductance, & Salinity
23:21 -- How Conductivity Sensors Work: Principles
36:17 – Real World Application: Values, Limitations, and Best Practices
51:59 -- Q&A

About Conductivity

Questions? Let us know.

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