YSI Webinar | How Turbidity Sensors Work

July 30, 2019 how sensors work
This webinar describes the underlying principles and best practices to use with turbidity sensors. YSI’s Kerry Hubbard, Outdoor Water Monitoring Specialist, divided the presentation into four sections:

• Why Monitor for Turbidity?
• Evolution of Turbidity Monitoring
• How Turbidity Sensors Work: Principles
• How Turbidity Sensors Work: Best Practices

Plus, there is a Q&A session at the end where Kerry answers audience questions!

Helpful time stamps:

3:05 -- Kerry starts talking

4:25 -- Why Monitor for Turbidity?

14:10 -- Evolution of Turbidity Monitoring

21:13 -- How Turbidity Sensors Work: Principles

28:10 -- How Turbidity Sensors Work: Best Practices

41:57 --  Q&A

About Turbidity

Questions? Let us know.

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