YSI Webinar | How Dissolved Oxygen Sensors Work

October 29, 2019 How Sensors Work

From sustaining aquatic life to the tight control of wastewater treatment, dissolved oxygen (DO) plays a role in nearly every water quality application.

In this educational webinar, we discuss:

  • Applications where DO measurement is critically important,
  • The evolution of sensor technologies for measuring DO in the field,
  • The underlying principles of how the most current optical DO sensors work, and
  • Real-world examples that demonstrate both the value and limitations of field-based measurements of DO.
Helpful time stamps:
00:24 – Chris starts talking
00:53 – Why Monitor for DO?
17:03 – Evolution of DO Monitoring
21:13 – Principles
26:44 – Practice
35:42 – Q&A


Environmental Supersaturation of Dissolved Oxygen Tech Note (PDF)

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