Field Services Capabilities Overview

December 03, 2021 carousel

At YSI, one of the things we are most proud of is our excellent customer service. As a YSI customer, our team is here to serve you.

But, did you know that our services can include helping you in the field? 

We help customers every day with the maintenance of their continuous monitoring stations. Water quality monitoring stations need to be visited on a routine basis for equipment and site maintenance. 

It's important to remember that maintenance is not just about the equipment. The general condition of a site should also be inspected before turning your attention to the equipment. 

Our team will check for safe access, changes in water level or flow patterns, debris or trash, signs of vandalism, and the condition of the above-ground equipment. A skilled field technician will clean the equipment. This includes the sonde body, sensors, sensor faces, cables, solar panels, and any other equipment as needed. 

They will also perform cal checks, calibrate on-site, or hot swap with recalibrated replacement sensors and replace modules and caps as necessary. And, they'll retrieve your data. It can be downloaded manually or via telemetry to HydroSphere. 

Routine maintenance on your water monitoring equipment ensures that everything is functioning properly for you to continue to receive the most accurate data.

Letting our team service your sites can save you loads of time. With a YSI expert on your team, we will help you to collect the highest quality data possible. Learn more about YSI's great services online and let our team serve you.

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