Industry-Leading Online Ammonium & Nitrate ISE Sensors for Wastewater

Learn why IQ SensorNet’s ion-selective electrode sensors (ISE) are the best choice for continuously monitoring ammonium and nitrate in wastewater. With many innovative features, the YSI VARiON, AmmoLyt, and NitraLyt provide accurate and reliable measurements to monitor and control the activated sludge process.

These sensors have electrodes selected for only ammonium or nitrate ions, allowing the sensor to determine the concentration of each.

The VARiON gives operators 24/7 data for both ammonium and nitrate to monitor and control their activated sludge process. With this data, operators can see diurnal trends, troubleshoot their activated sludge process, and even directly control processes such as aeration output.

These sensors are perfect for controlling aeration, recirc pumps, or carbon dosing, and can save a lot of money in the process.

The VARiON is the most reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use ISE sensor for wastewater. It has space for four electrodes, one measuring electrode for ammonium and nitrate, a reference electrode, and then one additional electrode for a compensating measurement of either potassium or chloride.

The sensor itself is designed for the rigors of wastewater. It has a stainless steel body and is backed with a two-year warranty. Not only that, this ammonium and nitrate sensor is the first of its kind to be rated for Class I Div 2 hazardous areas, which means these sensors can now go where they couldn't before.

Now most important of all, the VARiON is easy to maintain. Cleaning is incredibly easy, which just requires periodically brushing of the electrodes or using optional air cleaning to clean the electrodes for you. Calibration is also easy as it just requires the periodic matching too a lab sample rather than using any standards. And then replacing the electrodes themselves is easy as it just requires a single tool to replace each electrode as needed rather than all at the same time.

The YSI VARiON, AmmoLyt, and NitraLyt sensors are the perfect tool for continuously monitoring wastewater ammonium and nitrate.

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