IQSN Mobile Monitoring App for IQ SensorNet

IQSN Mobile is a state of art mobile monitoring solution built for municipal water plants that utilize the YSI IQ SensorNet process monitoring system. We developed IQSN Mobile to help solve modern challenges that municipal plant staff face on a daily basis. With ever-changing process needs and novel challenges, today's operators need a flexible solution to meet the demands of the present-day operator. Continue reading to see how IQSN Mobile will revolutionize the way you consume and use process data.

IQSN Mobile is a mobile application that provides instant access to an IQ SensorNet network of sensors and analyzers from a mobile device. This intuitive app displays live readings, data trends, sensor health notifications, maintenance reminders, and alarms. With IQSN mobile, view process data from the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere with internet access on a mobile device.

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