Kor Mobile App to Access Water Quality Data

June 02, 2022 carousel

Introducing the Kor Mobile app for Android!

This app provides a mobile interface to your EXO Sondes, so you don't have to bring a laptop into the field. 

Kor for Android offers an array of options to conveniently manage your instruments and access water quality data, right from your phone or tablet. Connect via an EXO GO to use your phone just like a handheld meter for sampling and profiling.

Let's take a look at some of the most powerful features.

The app's streamlined dashboard allows you to view and record live data directly to your mobile device. For continuous monitoring, you can configure your sonde for unattended deployment, setting the log interval, site name, and all the advanced logging modes that are available with Kor software.

You can even configure SDI-12 output for connection to a data logger.

After deployment, logged data files can be imported from your EXO to your Android and exported to CSV. You can view this recorded data and share it with colleagues remotely over wireless networks.

Whether you are deploying a sonde or taking spot measurements, it is always important to keep your sensors calibrated. Kor for Android allows you to conveniently calibrate all of your water quality sensors.

The app guides you through the calibration process with stability indicators and helpful tips to ensure the best quality data. Every sensor calibration includes a cal record that can be reviewed and shared.

YSI's Smart QC system monitors the calibration and evaluates sensor performance. This helps ensure your sensors are collecting accurate and reliable data.

We're excited to offer this easy-to-use mobile app to support your deployments and data collection. You can find this app for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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