Reliable Chlorine Analysis with the 3017M DPD Analyzer

YSI’s 3017M is a DPD colorimetric analyzer used to continuously measure free or total chlorine in municipal drinking water and wastewater applications using an EPA-approved method. The 3017M uses proven DPD methodology to provide accurate and reliable chlorine measurements in drinking water and final effluent wastewater samples. The 3017M can also be used in aquatic habitats and industrial cooling tower applications.

The 3017M is simple and low maintenance, with Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), factory calibration, and simplified tubing. Low reagent use reduces maintenance frequency. The analyzer can operate as a standalone unit or be integrated into YSI’s IQ SensorNet system of online controllers, analyzers, and sensors for better visibility and control of your process.

The 3017M’s reliability and low-maintenance design ensure reliable data collection with minimal effort.

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