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CastAway-CTD Overview and Demo in San Diego Bay

February 10, 2023

Did you miss the live event on our social media channels? Here's the rebroadcast of Dr. Xue Fan...

SonTek, a Xylem brand

SonTek HydroSurveyor M9 at Dawes Glacier in Alaska

March 02, 2022

Video courtesy of filmaker, Sean Casey, who will feature SonTek's HydroSurveyor M9 and...

SonTek, a Xylem brand

What We Love About the CastAway-CTD

February 24, 2022

What isn't there to love about the CastAway-CTD? Xylem employees from around the world talk about...

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SonTek Webinar | Energize Your Science Class...

February 28, 2022

Small, handy and easy-to-use, the CastAway-CTD is a fan-favorite used by researchers,...