Titroline 7000 Titrator Set Up

November 08, 2018
Product Specialist Vicky Kulczak demonstrates the set up of the Titroline 7000 titrator.

This video is ideal if you have recently purchased a TitroLine 7000 unit from us, or maybe you're thinking about doing so. Either way, we go through all the steps of setting up the hardware from A to Z and show you how simple it is. There are three main components of the system, the first one being the TitroLine 7000 base unit. This is essentially the brain of the system, and all of the accessories will come along with it. The second part is the exchangeable burette which is the slide-on/slide-off modular burette option that we offer, and all the tubing comes along with that. The third component is the magnetic stirrer.

This simple, how-to video will have you up an running in minutes.