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May 03, 2019 carousel
(Video Transcription)
It was the beginning of a particularly active year.

In fact, this activity had been occurring for many years…but the causes were largely over looked by many.

Extreme weather events decimating lives… Rising sea levels destroying infrastructure... Frequent flooding causing millions in damage and claiming lives. And failing flood control systems.

The Power of Water - is the will of water.

Increasingly, humanity is adding to weather-related factors causing increases in extremely heavy downpours, more extensive storm surges due to sea level rise, intensity of hurricane activity, and more rapid spring snowmelt.

In fact, extreme rains are 10 times more likely in the present climate than they were a few decades ago and it’s estimated that flooding could cost coastal cities around $1 trillion per year by 2050.

These events are no longer overlooked. But, we have to turn awareness into action.

The planet needs water heroes.

Who's Minding the Planet? #WMTP #waterheroes

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