YSI 9220 TOC Analzyer | Overview

Introducing the 9220 Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer, developed from over 50 years of experience in measuring TOC for water quality monitoring. Leveraging YSI’s heated persulfate and NDIR technology, the 9220 provides unmatched performance, reliability, versatility, and ease of use.

Key Features:
  • Cutting-Edge Methodology: The 9220 employs Heated Persulfate Oxidation with NDIR detection. Its streamlined design includes features like four-stream analysis, onboard carrier gas generation, autocalibration, auto validation and user-friendly software with intuitive touchscreen controls.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Designed for simplicity, the 9220 is self-contained in a mounting panel with a reagent tray for swift setup. Connectivity is provided through four 4-20mA outputs (one per sample stream), Modbus support, and discrete alarm outputs. This design, combined with its reliability and minimal maintenance requirements, ensures reliable data collection with minimal effort.
  • Improved Process Control: Achieve optimal coagulation and flocculation of raw water by precisely maintaining total organic carbon removal targets. This contributes to improved process efficiency and adherence to regulations.
  • Multi-Stream Capability: Monitor up to four process streams on a single analyzer without additional expenses. This added capacity enhances your monitoring capabilities without compromising on quality.
  • Robust Design: Housed in a waterproof IP66 enclosure, the 9220 thrives even in the harshest environments, ensuring consistent performance regardless of conditions.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The 9220 complies with US EPA regulations 415.3 for source and drinking water and Standard Method 5310C for wastewater, enabling you to confidently meet industry standards.
  • Automatic Precision: Benefit from autocalibration and auto-validation features that guarantee accurate measurements without regular user calibrations.
  • Economical Reagents: The 9220 is compatible with readily available reagents, eliminating the need for costly proprietary chemicals.

Primary Applications:

  • Disinfection By-Product Minimization: Safeguard regulatory compliance by minimizing disinfection by-product formation through precise monitoring and adjustment.
  • Enhance Coagulation and Flocculation: Fine-tune coagulant and flocculant dosing for improved treatment outcomes.
  • Optimized Chlorine Disinfection: Improve chlorine disinfection processes for enhanced effectiveness and resource utilization.
  • Potable Reuse Treatment Control: Monitor and control potable reuse treatment processes to ensure water quality and safety.

Secondary Applications:

  • Distribution System Assurance: Monitor distribution systems to guarantee water quality throughout the supply chain.
  • Source Water Monitoring: Assess the quality of source water to make informed treatment decisions.
  • Process Water Management: Monitor process water to maintain quality standards in water and wastewater applications.
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