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Engineered specifically for aquaculture systems, the YSI 5200A (http://www.ysi.com/5200a) continuous multiparameter monitor, 5500D (http://www.ysi.com/5500d) continuous optical dissolved oxygen monitor and AquaManager® Software can be used to integrate process control, feeding, alarming, and data management into one product or can be used to simply monitor one tank. Powerful enough to manage a full scale farming operation from anywhere in the world yet simple enough for anyone to use.

Monitor and/or control dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity/salinity, temperature in more in aquaculture applications from ponds, tanks, recirc systems, raceways, aquariums, live haul, etc.

Interested in winning a YSI 5500D Multi-optical dissolved oxygen instrument? (http://bit.ly/YSIwin5500D)