YSI IQ SensorNet System-Wide Wastewater Process Monitoring & Control

IQ SensorNet, YSI’s system of analytical sensors and controllers, is designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s wastewater treatment facilities. The 2020 network of controllers and modules has the ability to monitor up to 20 parameters across an entire facility. Easily monitor all sensor measurements from a single location, in addition to changing sensor settings, viewing trends, and entering calibration data. 

IQ SensorNet is a customizable plug-and-play system, where interconnected controllers and modules can be distributed to the exact needs of the customer Modifications to the system are simple since any IQ Sensor can work with any IQ cable, which can then be connected to any IQ module. IQ sensors are designed for the rigors of wastewater. Sensors are primarily made with 316 stainless steel, come with a two-year warranty, and several are rated for Class I, Div 2 hazardous areas. Maintenance is quick and easy, with few replaceable parts, automatic cleaning options, and periodic calibrations depending on the type of sensor. 

With accurate and reliable data from YSI IQ SensorNet, the wastewater process can be controlled directly to optimize performance and save money. For example, cut aeration costs with online dissolved oxygen and ammonium sensors. Reduce chemical use with online orthophosphate, nitrate, and chlorine measurements. Maintain solids retention time and clarifier sludge blanket with online TSS and sludge level sensors. And monitor effluent discharge with online BOD, pH, and turbidity measurements. For more examples of how YSI IQ SensorNet can improve your wastewater process, please visit YSI.com/IQSN.

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