YSI ProQuatro vs ProDSS | Key Differences to Consider

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These multiparameter instruments provide high-quality data in a variety of applications from rivers and streams to groundwater, aquaculture, and anywhere else your monitoring takes you. Smart features, including a built-in USB port and an intuitive user interface, make data collection easy and convenient.

As with all YSI Pro series instruments, the ProQuatro and ProDSS are built with field use in mind. They are rugged, waterproof, and even float if they're dropped in the water.

Both handhelds use field-replaceable sensors and cables to keep your instrument up and running and include an industry-leading three-year warranty (on the handheld).

These portable instruments have low power consumption to maximize your time in the field, and the rechargeable battery of the ProDSS eliminates battery waste and lowers the cost of ownership.

The major differences between these handhelds involve 1) cable selection, 2) sensor technology, and 3) the available parameters.

The ProQuatro and ProDSS are highly customizable, with multiparameter four-port cables and a variety of lengths. The universal sensor ports of the ProDSS cable accept any combination of digital smart sensors, giving you full control of your measurement options. 

An additional benefit for ProDSS is that the four-port cable is available in lengths of up to 100 meters, while the ProQuatro is limited to 30 meters. 

The ProQuatro uses tried and true sensor technology to provide fast and reliable measurements for 13 major parameters, including dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP, and temperature. 

The ProDSS can measure all of these parameters and more including turbidity, total algae, depth, and GPS. Additional optical sensors provide greater stability and data accuracy in the field. Choose from 21 parameter options to create your perfect system.

Digital smart sensors are automatically recognized by the ProDSS for fast, easy setup, and also store their own calibration data. ProDSS sensors are built with durable titanium to last longer even in harsh field conditions.

Both instruments feature a large internal memory and an on-the-go USB port for transferring data to a flash drive. ProDSS offers 20 times more internal memory than ProQuatro and allows direct connection to a PC using YSI's Kor software. This makes it easy to view recorded data, calibrate sensors and ensure equipment is operating at peak performance. 

These handhelds are easy to operate with a menu-driven interface and convenient keypad to quickly navigate the most common features. Readings can be easily viewed on the large backlit display screen even while wearing polarized glasses. 

ProDSS takes this even further with a full-color display and on-screen graphing capabilities for viewing sensor stabilization or logged data.

While both instruments are powerful, the ProDSS offers superior functionality and additional measurement capabilities that distinguish it as the ultimate sampling handheld. 

No matter which instrument you choose, the YSI professional series sets the standard for water quality sampling.

You can learn more about these instruments and our full range of options at ysi.com/proseries.

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