YSI ProSwap Logger Overview | 4 Key Decisions

September 08, 2021 carousel

Hi, this is Zack Henderson, product manager for YSI, a Xylem brand. In this video, I'm going to cover four decisions to make when selecting a ProSwap Logger for your application.

The ProSwap Logger is a powerful and cost-effective water quality and level monitoring instrument. It's fully customizable and perfect for short and long-term deployments. To make sure you have the best system for your application, there are four key decisions to make.

The first decision involves powering the ProSwap Logger. Are you going to supply external power or do you need an internal battery? There are two versions of the ProSwap Logger, one with an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery and one without. The internal battery version can be deployed autonomously for at least 90 days at a 15-minute logging interval when fully charged. The version without a battery is a little shorter and power can be supplied through a number of accessories, which I'll get to later. The non-battery version is a lower price. However, you may find that having an internal battery is a nice backup even if you can supply external power.

Once you decide on a power option, you will need to pick a cable length and depth option, leading us to our second buying decision, which is how deep do you need to deploy the ProSwap Logger? We offer cable lengths ranging from 1 meter up to 100 meters in length. If you're submerging your ProSwap Logger at a depth of 10 meters or less, then you can choose between a vented and non-vented depth sensor. Vented depth offers the benefit of real-time compensation for changes in barometric pressure. The vented ProSwap Logger includes a desiccant pack and replacement packs are available.

The ProSwap Logger features built-in depth and temperature sensors as well as a single port for installing any ProDSS Digital Smart Sensor. You'll need to decide which sensor is right for your application, and that brings us to our third buying decision. There are 10 different ProDSS sensors available. These include optical dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, pH or a combination pH/ORP sensor, ammonium, chloride, or nitrate ion-selective electrodes, and two total algae sensors for freshwater and seawater. Each Digital Smart Sensor holds its own calibration, making them hot-swappable, but you can only deploy one at a time.

Your choices thus far will dictate some of the accessories you may need. Our fourth and final buying decision involves which accessories are needed for your application. Let's first look at deployment accessories. Every ProSwap Logger comes with a cable connector cap, and this is all you need if you select a ProSwap Logger with an internal battery and set up for autonomous deployments. This cap protects the pins from the elements as the connector is hung topside.

We have two accessories available for supplying external power to the ProSwap Logger. The first is a simple power pack that comes with six AA batteries and will provide months of logging. The second is a flying lead cable adapter which allows you to output to an existing data collection platform and supply external power.

Next, let's look at some accessories for interfacing with the ProSwap Logger. There are two primary options. One is a ProSwap handheld meter. This is a great portable option for checking live data, retrieving log data, and setting up deployments on the go. You can also use a ProDSS handheld.

The second option is a USB adapter. This allows you to interface with the ProSwap Logger using Kor software. Kor is a powerful software tool that makes it easy to calibrate sensors, set up deployments, and manage data.

There are a few more accessories that you may find valuable. An extended guard is available and necessary for using the ProSwap Logger with turbidity and total algae sensors. We also offer copper anti-fouling screens to protect your sensor and data from the impacts of biofouling.

And finally, an adjustable carrying case makes it easy to transport the ProSwap Logger and its accessories anywhere you need to go. For more information on the ProSwap Logger and all of its accessories, visit ysi.com/psl. Thanks for watching, now get out there and start monitoring.

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