Automated Cyanide Analysis | OI Analytical FS3700

February 12, 2024

Cyanide analysis is more than just a test, it's essential for protecting our environment. With specific manufacturing facilities using cyanide and wastewater facilities treating for downstream contamination, the need for rapid analysis is paramount. Introducing the FS3700 from OI Analytical, the solution to accurately quantify cyanide in water.

This device allows manufacturers, scientists, technicians, and other professionals to identify contamination sources and implement preventive measures. Cyanide concentration in industrial effluents is highly regulated by organizations like the EPA in conjunction with standard methods developed by ASTM and ISO. Methods developed for the FS3700 were designed to follow these regulatory agencies. With our ACA, you can determine various cyanide levels, including total, available, and post-distillation. With the ability to operate both segmented flow and flow injection chemistry simultaneously, and with an optional auto-diluter and UV gas digestion module, we stand as the best option for automated cyanide analysis.

Unsure if our products can be used in your specific application? Reach out to our experts. With over 450 collective years of experience across our brands, the Xylem family of laboratory analyzers spans from our automated chemistry analyzers to our benchtop electromechanical meters and sensors. We are excited to be a full solution provider to your challenging sample workflow.

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