MultiLab Benchtop Instruments | Overview

March 16, 2023 carousel laboratory

Hi, my name is Ben Sutter. Today, we're going to take a look at the features of our MultiLab line of instruments, so you can see firsthand how well this versatile platform fits into your lab.

True to its name, the MultiLab can simultaneously measure a wide array of standard lab parameters, including pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, BOD, conductivity, and more.

The MultiLab comes in three versions, the MultiLab 1W, 2W, and 3W. Corresponding to the number of channels of the instruments. IDS, or intelligent digital sensors, connect easily and travel easily. Calibration data sticks with the probe, not the instrument.

The instrument is capable of storing up to 500 data sets in manual mode, or over 10,000 data sets in automatic logging mode. Export your data to a computer with a touch-of-a-button.

Output the onboard oxygen uptake rate (OUR), and specific oxygen uptake rate (SOUR) tests quickly and easily.

With a simple adapter, you can even make use of practically any probe with BNC or Din connectors. The 2W and 3W versions of the MultiLab allow you to make use of ion-selective electrodes, and other specialized pH probes.

Technical support is available for the MultiLab, and other YSI lab instruments. We have a team of dedicated support specialists that can help you through any instrument questions.

The MultiLab is a robust, convenient, and versatile addition to your lab bench. Learn about our lab portfolio and more at

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