THM 1000 Analyzer | YSI

May 20, 2024

When treating drinking water, disinfectants like chlorine are vital in ensuring our tap water remains safe for public use. While critical, these disinfectants can react with naturally occurring organic compounds in the water, forming potential health hazards that cause disinfection byproducts.

To help minimize any health impact of DPPs, most notably trihalomethanes, agencies like the World Health Organization, the EPA, and the DWI have set detection limits for THMs in water.

Traditional analysis for these compounds involves gas chromatography and/or mass spectrometry. Due to the size and complexity of a GC system, analysis is often done at an off-site location. This can cost a significant amount of money and cause delays in reporting, which can affect the treatment processes used to counteract THMs. You told us that you wanted a dedicated THM analyzer to deliver results immediately, and we listened.

We are thrilled to present our groundbreaking solution for analyzing THMs in water, the YSI THM 1000. This innovative system simplifies the process, offering walk-up analysis to give you results when and where you need them. Get feedback in 30 minutes, allowing for on-site analysis and on-site optimization.

How does this all work? The YSI THM 1000 first collects a water sample, which is then introduced into the sparging system. This system passes a carrier gas through the sample water, facilitating the introduction of THMs to the analyzer. The dedicated purge and trap system automatically separates the THM from the water sample. The sparged THMs are concentrated on a sorbent trap. Once the sparging is completed, the THMs are desorbed and sent to the chromatographic column for separation and subsequent detection.

The THM 1000 utilizes a SAW detector, an acronym for surface acoustic wave phenomena, first published in 1885. With over a century of refinement, this particular SAW detector was developed in conjunction with Sandia National Laboratories. It can measure VOC analytes with a sensitivity of one part per billion. 

Dedicated to ensuring safe public drinking water, the YSI THM 1000 is designed for simple operation. In conclusion, the YSI THM 1000 simplifies THM analysis, offering rapid and accurate results and eliminating the need for timely and costly analysis.

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