Titroline 7800 Titrator Overview | YSI

June 21, 2019
Titration is one of oldest quantitative chemical analysis. Previously, it's been done by hand with a glass burette and a color indicator, which unfortunately is subjective from person to person. With improvements in automation and instrumentation, we are able to remove that human subjectivity.

Our premium titration equipment is handcrafted with unmatched precision, offering advanced features within a budgetary scope of any lab.

We have a total of eight different models of titrators offering a wide range for features and capabilities, from our manual piston burettes all the way up to our manual titration systems. You can even daisy-chain these units together to create your own unique titration system with Titrisoft.

Titrisoft is our titration software that provides valuable features like data collection, automated calculations, reporting and more. The intuitive user interface enable technicians to begin running titration with minimal upfront training.

We have two types of units, one with the interchangeable burettes and ones without. The interchangeable burette is easily taken off and exchanged with a different unit. This allows for increased safety because you're not interacting with a corrosive titrants. It also has an RFID chip in it, which enables you to store information like titrant name or concentration and more.

At the top of the line, we have our Titroline 7800. This instrument combines the features of all of our other titrators into one titration instrument. This enables you to do all potentiometric titrations, all the way up to the volumetric Karl Fischer titration. It also has capabilities with our auto samplers to be able to completely automate your titration process.

Along with our family of titrators, we offer a wide variety of auto samplers and over 300-plus electrodes to be able to build your unique titration configuration.

If you have any questions, please ask us.