YSI MultiLab - Simplify Your Lab

The YSI MultiLab line allows you to customize your single channel, dual channel, and three channel instruments to meet the demands of your application. With the ability to measure up to 25 different parameters and simultaneously connect up to three sensors, the MultiLab is a line of flexible, bench top meters that can help streamline your lab.


MultiLab 4010-2W or 4010-3W are ideal as a pH meter, ORP meter, conductivity meter, ISE meter or BOD meter as stand alones or as combination meters for those parameters for the laboratory.


  • Two (4010-2W) or three (4010-3W) channel input for pH, ORP, DO/BOD, or conductivity
  • Use non-IDS (other manufacturer's) pH or ORP sensors with a simple adapter for DIN or BNC; can also use a variety of ISE sensors
  • Data storage - 500 data sets in manual mode and 10,000 data sets in automatic logging mode
  • Large, easy to read graphic color displays
  • Intelligent, digital sensors (IDS) - plug and play sensors
  • GLP traceability (sensors store serial # and calibration data)
  • Antibacterial keypad
  • USB connectivity to manage data
  • 3-year warranty