YSI MultiLab -- pH/ORP/Cond/BOD/ISE Meter for the Lab

The YSI MultiLab line includes the 4010-1 (single channel), 4010-2 (dual channel) and 4010-3 (three channel) instruments ideal for the laboratory. http://www.ysi.com/multilab

MultiLab 4010-2 or 4010-3 are ideal as a pH meter, ORP meter, conductivity meter, ISE meter or BOD meter as stand alones or as combination meters for those parameters for the laboratory.

- Two (4010-2) or three (4010-3) channel input for pH, ORP, DO/BOD, or conductivity
- Use non-IDS (other manufacturer's) pH or ORP sensors with a simple adapter for DIN or BNC; can also use a variety of ISE sensors
- Data storage - 500 data sets in manual mode and 10,000 data sets in automatic logging mode
- Large, easy to read graphic color displays
- Intelligent, digital sensors (IDS) - plug and play sensors
- GLP traceability (sensors store serial # and calibration data)
- Antibacterial keypad
- USB connectivity to manage data
- 3-year warranty