1080 TOC Analyzer Overview

September 16, 2021 1080 TOC , toc analysis , total organic carbon
1080 TOC Combustion Analyzer From OI Analytical

Using a high-temperature (680C) catalytic combustion technique to oxidize high molecular weight organics the 1080 handles challenging applications without additional kits, modules, or special options

With a unique combustion reactor design to protect the platinum catalyst from deposition of non-combustible salts you can extend catalyst life, reduce operating cost, and ensure consistent oxidations conditions for stable blanks.

With a patented pulse-timed injection feature, it is capable of a wide range of sample volumes and the stop-flow Injection creates a better peak shape for overall low-level sensitivity

Enjoy intuitive and easy-to-use software that incorporates built-in instructional videos on key operational steps
and more benchtop space with an autosampler that fits below the analyzer

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https: //www.oico.com/1080TOC

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