IQ SensorNet Wastewater Monitoring & Control | City of Dayton, OH | YSI

The City of Dayton, OH utilizes the YSI IQ SensorNet ( to lower preventative maintenance, optimize process, meet permits, and save money in the long run.

Jason Tincu explains their use of DO sensors to fine tune aeration needs while using the ammonium sensors to trim back aeration even further while still completely nitrifying in the system.

The YSI IQ also eliminates the need to have outside professionals onsite and prevents the City from having costly service contracts.

As the City looks into the future, they anticipate tighter restrictions on their permit in regards to phosphorus and they intend to seamlessly add the YSI Orthophosphate analyzer to their existing IQ SensorNet system

The YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT is a modular water quality system for a complete sensor network ideal for various installation needs. The modular system can accept additional sensors easily at any time. This is a powerful system to continuously measure water quality parameters anywhere in a facility for process control.

Immediate benefits include better network visibility and management, early detection of network failures, improved compliance with regulatory targets and cost savings (energy, pump/blower maintenance, labor).

The system is capable of measuring:
Dissolved oxygen (optical or electrochemical)
Turbidity - ultrasonic cleaning
TSS (total suspended solids) - ultrasonic cleaning
COD (chemical oxygen demand) - ultrasonic cleaning
TOC (total organic carbon) - ultrasonic cleaning
DOC (dissolved organic carbon share of TOC) - ultrasonic cleaning
SAC (spectral absorption coefficient) - ultrasonic cleaning
BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) - ultrasonic cleaning

*Chloride can be seen in the menu on the terminal but only the last value. No real-time monitoring and control function when used on the NitraLyt or VARiON sensor as compensation for nitrate.

The entire system accommodates up to 20 sensors for the above listed parameters in any combination. Any sensor can also be changed out at any time without re-wiring if another parameter is needed. Simply change sensors (parameters) and start getting data for the new parameter.

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