SonTek Webinar | FlowTracker2 How to Make the Highest-Quality Measurements Using a Wading Device

If you’re a hydrologist, scientist, or water monitoring professional, chances are access to precise flow/discharge data in varying environmental conditions is important to your organization and the communities you serve. Better data means better decision-making – often in situations that are critical and time-sensitive.

You might already be collecting data using the traditional mechanical current meter, or maybe you have hands-on experience with the SonTek FlowTracker or similar wading device. Either way, nothing beats the quality assurance, data accessibility, and overall performance of the new FlowTracker2 handheld ADV.

You will learn:

  • The QA/QC Advantage: get comprehensive quality assurance and understanding about flow conditions. How to easily review essential parameters such as flow variability, flow angle, proper instrument orientation … and QC as you are taking your measurement!
  • What is an automatic beam check and how it helps you understand environmental conditions;
  • More about FlowTracker2 features that streamline the data collection process, such as audio prompts, templates and rich graphics;
  • Understand the breadth of post-processing options and see examples of tables, time series graphs and editing. See ALL data parameters per station and per point velocity, for a 360-view of your measurement;
  • Helpful tips on site selection for optimal data reliability!