SonTek Webinar | Quantifying Flooding Events with Acoustic Data

Investment in flood and coastal risk management delivers many benefits. With the year 2018 seeming to culminate a trend of increasing extreme weather events and their intensity, water resource professionals are being called to question and respond appropriately in service to their constituents, both public and private, governmental and industrial. To this end, what insights do acoustic data, data analysis techniques and visualization bring us? How can we use these tools to better understand, manage, and model flooding events and their associated impacts?

Join us as we answer these questions and take a closer look at discharge data collected by U.S. national monitoring agencies such as the USGS during recent extreme weather events. Example applications will include data from hurricane Irma that packed 185 MPH and took with it 134 lives, and category 4 hurricane Harvey that made landfall in Texas and caused an estimated $125 Billion dollars in damage.

We will also take a look at record-breaking discharge data collected by the United Kingdom’s Environment Agency during massive flooding of the River Tyne in Bywell, Northumberland after Storm Desmond, documented as the worst flood in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since 1771.

The webinar will focus on:
  • Adapting to unpredictability: How to use hydrologic theory (like hysteresis) and acoustic measurements together to build stronger early warning systems
  • Sizing up floods: How acoustic Doppler technology can improve monitoring during flooding events
  • Optimizing the tools available: Different data processing techniques (like Velocity Indexing) to better quantify discharge during peak flows
  • Real solutions: How acoustic measurements are used for flood modeling and forecasting

Product Manager Janice Landsfeld and Applications Engineer Dr. Xue Fan ( are our presenters for this event. We welcome advance questions and will even accept data for sharing with your water monitoring peers!

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