SonTek Webinar | The Fundamentals of Velocity Indexing Technique

March 10, 2022 SonTek , sontek webinar

Velocity Indexing (VI) is a critical advantage to have in your skillset when measuring flow, discharge, and total volume. This technique is used by agencies like the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and many other local, state, and federal environmental agencies who need to regularly collect flow data.

But are you one of those scratching your head in confusion when the topic of velocity indexing comes up? You are not alone – it is a complex subject matter – and SonTek is here to help!

Do any of these situations seem familiar?

  • You already use a current meter or ADCP to calibrate a stage-discharge curve, but you are not familiar with the idea of adding velocity to the equation.
  • You already have an ADVM (like the SonTek-IQ), but you haven’t been checking or rating it methodically.
  • You have lingering questions about acoustic instruments and their accuracy
  • You have a monitoring site that has been tricky to get good readings at.

Well, if you have questions about Velocity Indexing, we have answers! Senior Hydrologist Daniel Wagenaar, and Janice Landsfeld, provide an introductory overview of the velocity index technique and its use with acoustic Doppler instrumentation.