Webinar | Analysis of Drinking Water and Fresh Water with Automatic Titrators

November 15, 2021 lab , laboratory , titration , webinar
Laboratory automation improves productivity, elevates experimental data quality, reduces lab process cycle times, human error, and subjectivity. And our automated titration systems allow for just that.

This webinar provides a demonstration of our Automatic Titrators for common applications of freshwater, such as in rivers, lakes, groundwater, and drinking water analysis. The demos are conducted with our autosampler and TitriSoft Software to show highly efficient measurements resulting in precise data.

Topics covered include:

  • Why the titration method is used in the Lab for freshwater analysis
  • Main applications in freshwater analysis and how automation can be realized with software and autosampler
  • Demo showing setup and autosampler running and how data is processed with Titrisoft
  • The impact of drinking water quality on beverage industries

If you have any questions related to our titrators, titration accessories, and their capabilities, do not hesitate to contact us!

Download The Titration Handbook.

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