Webinar | Automate Your Total Fat Analysis | Gerhardt

August 16, 2023
Dr. Lukas Zibula, International Customer and Application Support Specialist covers how to speed up and automate your total fat analysis.

Fat is a crucial criterion for assessing food quality and is considered one of the five critical parameters measured in food (fat, sodium, moisture, protein, and fiber). There are several methods used for fat analysis depending on your sample type. Watch to learn how to automate your total fat analysis with the HYDROTHERM hydrolysis system and SOXTHERM extraction system.

Who should watch:
  • Lab Managers and Team Members
  • Quality Control
  • Research and Development
  • Anyone who wants to improve their fat testing throughput in the same 8-hour day!
What you'll learn:
  • Methods of Fat Analysis
  • Sample preparation for fat analysis
  • How to OPTIMIZE your precious time in the lab
  • How to save both time and money with the HYDROTHERM and SOXTHERM

Meet the expert:

Dr. Lukas Zibula
International Customer and Application Support Specialist, C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Zibula has been the global product expert responsible for the area of fat and fiber analysis of food and feed at C. Gerhardt for 3 years. He is a seasoned chemist with over 12 years of laboratory experience.

  • Xylem is proud to be the exclusive distributor in North America for Gerhardt products.
  • We have a technical support and application team located in North America with over 100 years of experience.
  • C. Gerhardt is one of the leading global suppliers of laboratory equipment and analytical systems for food, animal feed, and environmental testing since 1846.
  • Xylem Lab Solution Portfolio: Bellingham and Stanley, OI Analytical, SI Analytics, and YSI are the perfect complement to supply a wide range of lab instrumentation.
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