Webinar | Environment Act 2021 - Data Uncertainty

July 06, 2023
The Environment Act 2021 sets a new standard for monitoring the effect of effluent discharge and sewer overflows on receiving watercourses to help regulate and maintain water quality standards throughout England. However, these regulation changes create new challenges as water utility companies begin monitoring in the field, collecting data that must be trusted and reliable, and managing vast datasets to guarantee compliance and protection of the environment.

Join our experts as they explain how to have confidence in your data.

Looking for a specific topic in the presentation? Find it quickly with these convenient timestamps:

01:58 - Overview of the Environment Act 2021

13:52 - Case Study 1: Lab Traceability

24:24 - Case Study 2: Fouling

31:09 - Case Study 3: Derived Parameters

40:03 - Conclusions

43:26 - Q&A

Resources Referenced During the Webinar: