Webinar | Expand your HAB Horizons with High-Resolution Mapping

July 29, 2021

Harmful Algal Blooms are so prevalent in Clear Lake, California, that it is one of the most heavily monitored lakes in North America. Temperature and eutrophication are certainly drivers of HABs, but Clear Lake's high structural heterogeneity makes it hard to pinpoint the role of water quality and other environmental factors in favoring the dominant algal species and the size and duration of a bloom. In this case study, we demonstrate the utility of high-resolution, temporally- and spatially-integrated data sets collected with an autonomous underwater vehicle, YSI's i3XO (a.k.a. the EcoMapper) and more traditional methods, for better understanding these factors.

Expand your HAB Horizons: High-Resolution HAB Mapping with YSI’s i3XO AUV

YSI is proud to host Dr. David Caron of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, to present our collaboration and to share with listeners:

  • The unique history and importance of Clear Lake as related to HABs,
  • The planning of i3XO missions to support the overall study design,
  • The alignment of whole-lake and fine-scale data collected with the i3XO and temperature, toxin, and species data collected with other methods,
  • An overview of specific features of the i3XO and how it will be used for ongoing study of the Lake.

Please join us for this deep look at AUV data sets and how they can help in the study of HABs!

Download the White Paper (PDF): High-Resolution Mapping of a Harmful Algal Bloom

Learn more on the EcoMapper page!