Webinar | Online Sensors Improve Wastewater Treatment Case Study

New to online instrumentation? Accurate data from online water quality instruments can help Wastewater Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) meet their treatment goals. Online sensors can assist operators with process optimization, lowering treatment costs, and meeting effluent limits. Knowing how to use these sensors properly is critical to ensuring accurate, reliable data. In this webinar, you’ll learn directly from a utility operator with extensive first-hand knowledge of online sensors. This case study discusses the use of online instrumentation at Colorado Springs Utilities, including sensor applications, operator experiences, and recommendations on sensor use.

On-demand viewers will be able to:

-Discuss how and why instrumentation is used in wastewater treatment.
-Evaluate the need for instrumentation at their own facility.
-Apply online sensors to real-world applications
-Understand sensor care requirements and potential limitations.

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