YSI Webinar | 5 Tips for Better Water Monitoring - Autonomous Surface Vehicles

Automation is a disrupting force throughout the world, impacting our lives and creating a new normal for generations to come.

Join industry experts Kevin Simpson, Geoff Douglass, and Rob Porrett as they discuss automated vehicles for monitoring water quality and quantity – and the impact on the environmental community.

In this webinar, we provide a foundational understanding of Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV), share our top tips for better water monitoring, discuss the impact autonomous vehicles have on the environmental community, and introduce our latest and greatest water monitoring technology.

Watch this webinar to learn:

• Top tips to improve your water quality monitoring
• Best applications for an Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV)
• Real-world data examples and challenges
• A peek at our newest ASV technology—HYCAT
• And more!

If you have any questions about the HYCAT, EXO2 multiparameter sonde, SonTek M9, or ASVs in general, let us know!