YSI Webinar | Activated Sludge | 3 Things to Improve Process Efficiency

Join YSI’s wastewater expert, Dr. Rob Smith, as he discusses activated sludge at municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Dr. Rob reviews the three things you should know about activated sludge in water resource recovery facilities.

Optimization of the activated sludge process requires careful management of three critical parameters: aeration, sludge wasting, and sludge recirculation. Over the years, wastewater professionals have based their decisions on measurements from batch tests applied to grab samples. The batch measurements are representative of the process but are limited in frequency and subject to interpretation.

On the other hand, direct measurement of water chemistry is performed in the laboratory for demonstrating permit compliance on composited influent and effluent samples. The laboratory measurements provide measurements of important variables like oxygen, solids, ammonium and nitrate, but they are also limited in frequency and the samples are not representative of the process.

Online process monitoring provides the best of both strategies by directly measuring the important variables in representative samples continuously. This webinar discusses online process monitoring and control of activated sludge. Topics include:

Measurement principle
Operation and maintenance
Applications for energy conservation and nutrient removal