YSI Webinar | Applications for Water Quality Instrumentation in Wastewater Treatment

June 23, 2020
Looking for an opportunity to increase your application knowledge for instrumentation in wastewater?

YSI experts Benjamin Barker and Steve Wortendyke review wastewater treatment processes from influent through the effluent. Learn how analytical instrumentation is used in the lab, for spot checking the process, and for continuous water quality monitoring to improve treatment and process control. Operators can benefit from increased operational efficiency, reduced operating costs, and improved performance with YSI's full range of sensors, instruments and solutions designed for monitoring and testing municipal water.

In this 1-hour educational webinar, we'll cover:
- An overview of the wastewater treatment process and common applications.
- Water quality instrumentation used in the lab, for spot checking the process and online continuous monitoring.
- Why analytical instrumentation is used in wastewater and how it can help improve treatment.
- Examples of how YSI instrumentation can be used in specific wastewater treatment processes for monitoring and control.

Opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) - earn just by watching! Watch the full video presentation and then click the CEU certificate request link at the end. We'll email you a certificate awarding 0.1 CEUs from the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).