YSI Webinar | Case Study: Enhanced Performance & Reduced Operating Costs

Meeting wastewater treatment objectives and staying within budget requires careful control of the process. At a conventional activated sludge (CAS) facility in Wisconsin, a full scale WWTP demonstration of Sanitaire's OSCAR™ process performance optimizer and YSI's IQ SensorNet (https://www.ysi.com/iqsn2020) process monitoring system demonstrated a substantial savings in operating costs while maintaining treatment performance.

Join YSI and Sanitaire application experts for a 1 hour live webinar presentation on September 17th at 1:30 EDT to learn more about this project. The webinar will provide details about the system design and operation, as well as the implementation of the monitoring and control system including setpoints, sensor location, and other critical control parameters.

Find out how a 10% savings in energy cost and a projected annual savings of almost $75,000 were achieved with dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring and aeration control and orthophosphate monitoring and chemical dosing control.

In addition, monitoring total suspended solids (TSS) with solids inventory management system (SIMS) control stabilized the operation and relieved operators of the worry of adjusting daily sludge wasting rates to provide sufficient MLSS and solids retention time (SRT) to meet treatment requirements.

Dr. Rob Smith is Applications Engineer – Wastewater at YSI. He has nearly 20 years of experience as a wastewater treatment specialist. His job responsibility at YSI is to advise wastewater professionals on how to obtain high quality, useful data from their YSI instruments.

Dr. Bulbul Ahmed is a Process Engineer at Sanitaire Products. He holds a Ph.D. from Washington State University in Chemical Engineering and is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Michigan. He is responsible for managing full scale pilot testing projects along with providing process expertise for wastewater professionals interested in Sanitaire’s biological process solutions.