YSI Webinar | Gearing Up for Fieldwork

April 23, 2021
Our experts are here to make sure you get the most out of your water quality equipment during field season. While every application and deployment is different, we’ve found there are a few common tips you can use to be prepared every time you take your EXO or ProDSS into the field.

In this webinar, we will share:
  • Tips on selecting the right equipment
  • Guidelines for instrument care, inspection, and preparation
  • Best-practices for calibration
  • and other fieldwork necessities!

Plus there are over 30 minutes of QA where Kerry and Curt answered the audience's questions!

Looking for a specific topic in the presentation? Find it quickly with these convenient timestamps:
1:20 - Choose the right instrument
5:24 - Inspect and preparing your sensors
15:34 - Maintain your instrument connections
22:11 - Check batteries and power supply
25:34 - Update firmware and software
27:37 - Proper calibration prior to data collection
35:28 - Finalize your equipment settings
38:52 - Prepare a field Survival Kit
43:11 - QA
56:31 - After Hours QA

We also have the top tips field Survival Kit mentioned in the webinar to help you make your fieldwork as smooth as possible while ensuring you gather quality data.