YSI Webinar | How Algae Sensors Work

July 03, 2019 how sensors work

This webinar describes the underlying principles and best practices to use with algae sensors. YSI’s Dr. Stephanie A. Smith divided the presentation into four sections:

  • Why Monitor for Algae?
  • Evolution of Algae Monitoring
  • How Algae Sensors Work: Principles
  • How Algae Sensors Work:  Best Practices

Plus, there are over 30 minutes of Q&A where Dr. Smith answered the audience’s questions!

Helpful time stamps:

4:12 -- Stephanie starts talking

5:20 – Why Monitor for Algae?

9:38 – Evolution of Algae Monitoring

15:46 – How Algae Sensors Work: Principles

33:37 – Impromptu Q&A

38:40 – How Algae Sensors Work: Best Practices

55:52 – Final Poll and Q&A

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