YSI Webinar | How Anti-Fouling Works

August 09, 2021 how sensors work
One of the largest barriers to the search for good water quality data is the threat of fouling, which is why having a strong anti-fouling plan in place for your EXO Sonde is critical for long-term monitoring projects. Putting anti-fouling technologies in place can extend deployment intervals for your EXO Sonde or other long-term monitoring equipment. This can result in fewer trips to the field for equipment service and improved accuracy of water quality data. If you’ve ever experienced fouling in the field, this webinar is for you.

In this educational webinar, we will discuss:

Common sources of fouling from soil and algae to barnacles and other animals
Fouling’s effects on water quality data (drifts, spikes, and damaged equipment)
The evolution of anti-fouling technology from plastic sleeves to UV light
Expert tips to mitigate fouling from the sensor tips to the sonde body and even the cable
Data longevity and how to reduce site visits required during deployments
Real-world examples that demonstrate the application and benefit of anti-fouling measures

Helpful time stamps:
00:29 – Why is Anti-fouling Important?
02:46 – Freshwater Fouling
05:55 – Marine Fouling
09:28 – Evolution and Principles of Anti-fouling Technology
18:18 – Recommended Cleaning Procedures
28:10 – Extra Deployment Steps
35:06 – Q&A

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