YSI Webinar | Process Control Strategies for Activated Sludge Optimization

Join YSI experts, Benjamin Barker and Steve Wortendyke, as they review solids control strategies in municipal wastewater applications.

Biologically active sludge is a fundamental aspect of secondary treatment in wastewater treatment facilities. Cultivating and maintaining a healthy biomass of microorganisms for effective nutrient removal is no easy feat. However, by carefully controlling for a few key process parameters, the optimal biomass for activated sludge can be sustained and lead to a stable and consistent process. This webinar will describe solids control strategies and how TSS, sludge level, and BOD/COD data from online instrumentation can be used for improved monitoring and control of activated sludge.

After watching the webinar, attendees will be able to:

• Describe and identify factors that contribute to an effective activated sludge process.
• Understand how to use process parameters, such as Solids Retention Time (SRT), F:M Ratio, and MLSS Control, for real-time control.
• Apply online instrumentation to monitor and control the activated sludge process.

Who should attend:

Engineers, operators, instrument technicians, and superintendents who want to learn more about wastewater solids control strategies.