Webinar | Best Practices for Sensor Maintenance - Part 2

Part two of our new webinar series, How to Get Optimal Data with Online Instrumentation. 

Sensor maintenance can be divided into cleaning, calibration, and consumables. Of these, the most often misunderstood is calibration. Depending on the sensor, there are several types of calibrations, and often you can calibrate a sensor with multiple methods.

In part two, learn the basics of calibration and why it’s essential to ensure your sensors remain accurate. In addition, we’ll showcase live, hands-on demonstrations of maintenance procedures for YSI IQ SensorNet online sensors and share best practices for maintaining each sensor type. In this webinar, we’ll cover the ViSolid (TSS), VisoTurb (turbidity), UV-Vis (nitrate, COD, BOD, etc.), and IFL (sludge level) sensors. 

You’ll learn the following:

  • How and why calibrations are essential to the operation of online sensors.
  • Best practices for maintaining sensors and how to get the best data.
  • How to perform the basic operation, setup, cleaning, calibration, and consumable parts required for YSI online instrumentation (TSS, turbidity, UV-Vis, and sludge level).

On-Demand - Best Practices for Online Sensor Maintenance Part 1

Watch part one of the series, which covers maintenance procedures and best practices for YSI IQ SensorNet FDO (dissolved oxygen), SensoLyt (pH/ORP), and VARiON ISE (ammonium/nitrate) sensors.

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